Flat-Packed Sewing Cabinets

Tailor-Made Elements series allows you to create your perfect sewing room starting with the combination of sewing table, cutting tables, storage chest and drawers.

This economic modular units are ideal for those short on space or for those who want to create the best setup to suit their needs. Simply add units to create more storage or sewing areas and alter their position to suit you and your space!

This furniture is designed to be set up full time, ready to go. Without the hassle or need of packing up you cabinet after every use. 

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Tailormade Elements Storage Chest - White
Elements Storage Chest - White

$199.00 view product
Tailormade Elements Sewing Drawers - White
Elements Sewing Drawers - White

$269.00 view product
Tailormade Elements Sewing table - White
Elements Sewing table - White

$299.00 view product
Tailormade Elements Overlocker/ Embroider Cabinet
Elements Overlocker/ Embroider Cabinet

$229.00 view product

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